Pale Blue Dot
Visual Communication

Video Narrative, Poster, Experiemental Book Design
The work is an interpretation of the idea ‘Pale Blue Dot’. Focused to show distinction of scale, vision and numerous things that make up the great universe on a poster, book and video.

To reflect the ideas of the book, the work delivers a poster and a tiny book as a part of poster. The book contains paragraphs from the book ‘Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space’ by Carl Sagan. The tiny blue circular shaped book that is a small part of the huge poster, visualizes the book’s idea that we are a small part of the whole world. The video is also inspired from the paragraphs of the book that describes how small yet beautiful our planet, the Earth is, and our attitude towards the world.

Poster: 24x36x0.5 inches
Book: 1x1 inches, 18 page