Water and Waves
Experiential Communication

Art Direction, Documentation, Experemental Book Design (2018)
Using 50 photographs of water, the project focuses on the relief effect of water and its sound. The project is manifested into an interactive book with pages that can be torn. The ripping of pages produces the water-like sound that promotes meditation and stress relief.

The book has 50 pages, each page has different a photograph of water and wave. It made as poster-sized (24x36 inch), bound by Japanese binding on both side; to forward to next page, the user need to rip the page on top.
In the process of towaring to next page, the user will hear water-like sound by ripping the page. And there are wave-like shapes on both side of the book, which creates a personalized relationship the user and water.

2 mins video documentation
Japanese binding, 24x36x1 inches